Katana - Munetoshi

Information about sword here
Type - Katana - Gendaito (hand made)
Maker - Munetoshi
Period/date - Showa ju kyu nen san gatsu (Third month of 1943)
Length - 25 9/16 inch
Hamon - Midare suguha
Hada - Itame
Fittings - 1944 Pattern Shingunto mounts
Tsuka - Wrapped and lacquered ito in the Katate maki style
Other Information -Blade is in fair polish
This is Yamagami Munetoshi who was from Niigata. He was a student briefly at the Denshujo under Kasama Shigetsugu
Munetoshi was a Rikugun Jumei Tosho, and won a few prizes during the war at the Shinsakuto contests.
This smith also used the name Hidemune.
Listed in Gendai-to Meikan and Toko Taikan

Price - $1350

Click to see images of this sword

Image 1 has the complete blade and Koshira of the sword
Image 2 has the kissaki & saya
Image 3 has the kissaki & saya
Image 4 has the tsuka, tsuba & seppa
Image 5 has the hamon
Image 6 has the hamon
Image 7 has the ura (date) side of the nakago
Image 8 has the omote side of the nakago with signature
Image 9 has close-up of signature

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